Real Values. Real Management. 


We get things done

Our property managers visit their properties regularly. They review contractors' work, attend to owners' concerns and make recommendations regarding maintenance and improvements. You'll get advice you can trust, allowing you to get started on projects quickly and efficiently.


We'll save you money

Managing a large portfolio of properties gives us bulk-purchasing opportunities, and we pass this excellent value on to our clients. A classic example is our insurance program, which saves clients significant sums of money, while at the same time providing them with superior protection. Banking is another area in which we help clients save funds. We have negotiated low fixed monthly bank fees, as well as a preferred rate of interest, so even accounts with relatively small balances receive a preferential rate.


We offer a technology advantage

We centralize all of our important documents online, which are backed up daily. This increases security and accuracy, while simultaneously reducing the need for paper storage.


We create a website for every property

Our clients love this service. A property website gives board members 24/7 access to financial statements, service contracts, maintenance schedules and more. Owners also have access to their unit accounts, meeting minutes and important forms. Moreover, the site can be used to notify residents of condominium updates, building notices and other important events. Having a website customized for your building is a powerful and practical tool that increases communication and community involvement.


We process all payables and keep records online

Our secure online system allows managers and accounting staff to easily monitor the progress and payment of payables and retrieve payment records, including copies of invoices. This results in enhanced control and an improved audit trail.


We work with trusted trades

Over the years, we've built strong relationships with skilled tradespeople throughout Winnipeg. We always secure multiple quotes for contracts and major repair work, assuring that contractors are qualified, licensed and insured before work begins.


We have high standards

Our property managers stand apart from the rest-and for good reason. We handpick candidates who have life experience, business acumen and exceptional people skills, which are qualities we find essential to successful condominium property management.


We understand financial statements

All of our property managers know how to read financial statements and are able to explain them in a way that makes sense, simply because many of them have had business experience prior to working at our company. We also train them to ensure they fully understand the financial side of property management to better serve our residents.


We're flexible

Whether you require full management services or our financial-only option, we can be of service to you.


We provide access to legal advice

A legal retainer agreement with a prominent law firm gives our managers virtually unlimited access to guidance on matters relating to the Condominium Act, privacy legislation, labour law and almost any other issue.