Please take note of the listed emergency vs non-emergency instructions.

Our After-Hours Emergency Number Is:  
1 (204) 272-8799 ext.9
  • If you have an emergency during business hours*, call your Property Manager or dial 0 for reception.
  • *Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., the office is closed outside these hours, on weekends and holidays.
What is an Emergency?
Fire, Medical or Police Emergency: 9-1-1

Call Imperial Properties for these emergencies:
  • Flood, leaking pipes, roof leak, sewer back up
  • No heat
  • Elevator not working
  • Parkade door not functioning
  • Building security seriously compromised
  • Power failure: call Manitoba Hydro (204) 480-5900
  • No water: call City of Winnipeg #311
Non-Emergency Situations
The following situations should be dealt with during regular business hours:
  • Objects dropped down elevator shaft
  • Parking passes needed
  • Car parked in your assigned parking stall
  • Lost keys or fobs
  • Moving in or out
  • Intercom changes
  • Intercom not working
  • Garbage not picked up
  • Vehicle ticketed
  • Vehicle towed (call local Bylaw enforcement agency)
  • Barking dog (call local Bylaw enforcement agency)
  • Administrative requests
Call Police at your local non-emergency number:
  • If you have problems with noisy or unruly residents or visitors;
  • If your vehicle is broken into or vandalized.
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