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Let's face it-no one wants to sit in a meeting longer than they have to. We all have busy lives, with jobs, families and other responsibilities. The last thing we need is a meeting that isn't being run well or allows people to vent various concerns for hours. Having these long meetings can cost considerable time as well as money, particularly if you have someone on the clock taking meeting minutes.

For these reasons, it's imperative to take every possible step to make sure that your "hour-long meeting" is actually only an hour long. Here are some tips for streamlining meeting length that you can implement right now:

  • Create a well-outlined agenda: As with so many things, planning is everything when it comes to your condo board meetings. Detailing exactly what is going to be discussed and in what order, along with action items and providing documentation on finances, goes a long way toward keeping the meeting contained. It's a good call to also send out the agenda packet beforehand to all the board members so they'll know exactly what's coming up. If someone is monopolizing the meeting by talking too much or getting off topic, you can then point to the schedule and diplomatically point out that it's necessary to move on.
  • Stay on task: It might feel natural for board members to talk about their families or sports or the weather, and it's nice to have that kind of camaraderie. However, this sort of table talk should be relegated to before or after meetings. Appoint a strong chair who won't be afraid to tell members that they need to stick to the agenda.
  • Set start and end times: Having hard, set-in-stone start and end times will mean that the meeting doesn't stretch out too long. If everyone on the board agrees that ending at 8 p.m. is a good idea, then it will be easy to point out during the meeting that getting through the rest of the agenda items is a priority. Like with the agenda, it's smart to communicate time constraints to board members ahead of time. The work you put in then will pay off when the meeting actually ends at a reasonable hour.

By following these simple steps, your board can easily accomplish all of its business without taking up too much of everyone's time. While one or two members might be put off by these kinds of changes, most will be happy to have the extra time and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can count on meetings to begin and end at predetermined times.

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